Canadian Passport Application For Residents

You And Your Passport

Traveling internationally or even to the United States has changed dramatically. Up-to-date passports are needed even if we're going across the border for a day trip to the USA.

Need A New Passport?

Do you need to renew your Canadian Passport or to apply for a new one for a coming of age dependant? Here is some of the information you will want to know and  to access in order to complete your forms and successfully acquire your passport.

If you are recently married and you need to change your name you must use the Adult form below numbered  PPTC 153 when renewing your passport. If nothing has changed and it's a simple renewal then you may submit a  Simplified Renewal Form numbered PPTC 054.

You can click on the links in the Forms Section below which will take you directly to the various specific forms you will need to acquire your passport based on where you live, your age, and citizenship status. OR Passport Canada's website has a lot of other helpful information to assist you too CLICK Here to visit Passport Canada's website.


Your Nearest Passport Office
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Passport Canada
40 Weber Street East, Mezzanine Level
Kitchener ON

Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Forms Section

Canadians living in Canada or in the United States
(or Bermuda)

Fill out your interactive passport application and help Passport Canada serve you more efficiently.

  • As you fill out your application, the information you enter is stored in a bar code in the upper right-hand corner of the form.
  • When you submit your completed application, your bar code can be scanned and read by Passport Canada agents in seconds.

This greatly reduces the chance of errors that can slow down the application process. Getting a passport has never been more convenient.

Simplified Renewal Form
(adults in Canada or in the USA)
PPTC 054
(16 years of age or over)
PPTC 153
(PDF, 607 KB)
(under 16 years of age)
PPTC 155
(PDF, 546 KB)
(16 years of age or over)
PPTC 040
(PDF, 399 KB)
(under 16 years of age)

PPTC 042
(PDF, 361 KB)

(16 years of age or over)
PPTC 190
(PDF, 222 KB)
(under 16 years of age)
PPTC 192
(PDF, 225 KB)
Other forms
Proof of Canadian Citizenship
Additional Information
PPTC 001
(PDF, 38 KB)
Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act

The Government of Canada has made significant changes to the Citizenship Act. For more information on who may be affected by the changes, visit
Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) website.

Statutory Declaration
concerning a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible Canadian passport or travel document
PPTC 203
(PDF, 77 KB)

You may also obtain a form in person at any Passport Canada office, Canada Post outlet or Service Canada Centre.