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Mental Health Looks Different For Everyone - What is Giving Tuesday?

'More than 3,600 people in the area sitting on waitlists for community mental health / addictions services.'

Published 11/30/2021 | By Cambridge Now Local News

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Mental Health Looks Different For Everyone

What is Giving Tuesday?

Mental Health Looks Different For Everyone

Any one of us can struggle with mental health, whether it’s because of mental illness, trauma, or simply the stresses of life. At United Way, we are working to empower a network of mental health programs across Waterloo Region because nobody should have to face struggles with mental health alone.

Each year on “Giving Tuesday” (the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday), people across the world come together for a global day of giving. Since 2018, at United Way WRC, Giving Tuesday has been a day to rally our community around a specific local issue.

Mental health issues have increased due to COVID-19. Community members are struggling to meet basic needs and balance daily demands.

Join the Giving Tuesday movement and please give to support mental health programs across Waterloo Region.

What will my donation do?

Your donation on Giving Tuesday will support United Way’s Improving Mental Health Fund. This fund supports services across Waterloo Region like:

  • Crisis & trauma support for youth
  • Walk-in counselling
  • Domestic violence prevention & supports
  • Counselling accessibility via subsidies and online programming
  • Supports geared towards marginalized communities
  • Addiction treatment and harm-reduction programs
  • Support workers for individuals with complex needs

Rose was diagnosed with depression & anxiety as a kid.

“By the time I was a teenager, most days I just wanted to sleep all day, rather than face the world. My family struggled with poverty, which made life very hard. After we paid for rent or other necessities, sometimes we couldn’t afford to pay our heating bill, or had no money left over for food."

Michele faces addiction.

"I struggle with depression. I might have been dead today if I hadn’t volunteered. Many times, volunteering made me have to get up and go out. When I had an obligation, I would live up to it, even while I was using drugs. If you have nothing but time on your hands, why not give that time? There are more than enough needs to go around. Do what you can."

AJ lives with OCD.

"My first job was working at a fast food restaurant, where they viewed me as difficult because I wouldn’t take out the trash. My refusal to take out the trash was because of my OCD, which was germ-related and was very bad at that time. I would shower up to four times a day."

Laura deals with depression.

"I am originally from Romania and back home we just don’t talk about mental health. For years, I struggled alone and in silence. When I came to Canada, my degree was not accredited, and I had to retrain to continue my career. I am a perfectionist and I put so much pressure on myself to succeed that I lost sight of the harm I was doing to my mental health."

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