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City Council approves 13 Strategic Actions to support revised Strategic Plan

Cambridge is a future-focused city with character and heart

Published 05/27/2021 | By Cambridge Now Local News

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Cambridge is a future-focused city with character and heart

City Council approves 13 Strategic Actions to support revised Strategic Plan

Cambridge is a future-focused city with character and heart

The City of Cambridge is pleased to share its updated corporate strategic plan Cambridge Connected, as well as thirteen new strategic actions that will guide the City’s work over the next several years.

Based on extensive community engagement beginning in early 2020, the plan reimagines our interconnected goals of People, Place, Prosperity and includes an enhanced focus on the theme of Public Value. To ensure the plan reflects community priorities, the process brought together stakeholders throughout all phases of the plan’s development. This includes conducting the City’s first ever community satisfaction survey in February 2020 and using new digital opportunities to engage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The strategic plan is an overall roadmap for our City as we work to create, develop and grow our community,” said Deputy Mayor Mike Mann. “This helps guide both Council and staff, while ensuring our plans reflect what matters most to the people of Cambridge. Thank you to everyone who engaged through the process and helped shape our vision for the future.”

The strategic plan helps to connect the community’s vision and goals with the City’s mission, values and actions. This has been especially important during a period of transition, disruption and reflection over the last year. The response from the community showed that the people of Cambridge love their city and want the City to focus on addressing areas of highest impact.

The resulting thirteen strategic actions include six items where the City can take the lead, such as creating spaces that offer unique options for people to do and promoting a vibrant community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and pride. There are also seven actions that the City will collaborate on with our partners, such as increasing access to social services, increasing housing options, and supporting small businesses (see Backgrounder below).

“During the engagement process, the City heard that residents feel that Cambridge is a future-focused city with character and heart, “said City Manager David Calder. “Our goals of People, Place and Prosperity remain relevant however, residents want to better understand the public value of city work. The updated plan emphasizes the importance of sustainability, leadership, collaboration, transparency and engagement as a foundation for our three overarching goals.”

The City will be working to align projects and initiatives with the strategic priorities through the annual budget and business planning process, with a focus on measuring and communicating progress. Council also approved a motion that staff report back on becoming an Age Friendly City – one of many potential initiatives that aligns with the strategic actions of this plan.

“This is a challenging time in our community, but ensuring continued opportunity for discussion and collaboration is one way we can work together to support recovery and to continue to create a culture of innovation and engagement in our efforts to grow an amazing world- class city,” added Calder.

Backgrounder: Updated Objectives and Strategic Priorities

PEOPLE: Foster a community with heart, where everyone belongs and is cared for.


WELLBEING - Connect people to services that support individual and community wellbeing

BELONGING - Be known as a safe and welcoming community where everyone feels like they matter

INCLUSION - Deliver accessible, diverse and inclusive services, programs and infrastructure for all ages and abilities

VIBRANT NEIGHBOURHOODS - Promote, facilitate and participate in the development safe and healthy neighbourhoods with a range of housing options

Place: Embrace and celebrate our city’s unique character while enhancing the spaces where people connect.


PLACEMAKING – Promote and create a wide range of destinations and activities that capitalize on the beauty of the rivers and heritage buildings

GREEN SPACES – Protect, enhance and steward our parks, green spaces and environmental areas

PLANNING FOR GROWTH – Provide for a mix of development, uses and amenities in order to meet the needs of a changing and diverse population

Prosperity: Build a vibrant and resilient city where current and future generations will live well


STRONG CORES - Create an inviting downtown that connects and complements core areas and neighbourhoods where people want to live and visit

GETTING AROUND - Emphasize connectivity and active transportation choices to help people travel in and beyond the city without a car

ECONOMIC INCLUSION & SUPPORT – Establish and extend inclusive programs to support business readiness and workforce development and help local businesses to thrive

RESILIENCY – Use a future-oriented, proactive approach to climate action and emergency preparedness.

Thirteen Strategic Actions

The City will lead and build on the following strategic actions:

  • Create and activate spaces that offer things for people to do
  • Provide age-friendly services that are accessible to all
  • Establish our core areas as attractive destinations
  • Enhance equity and inclusion efforts
  • Lay the foundation for future community-building
  • Enhance opportunities to enjoy built and natural heritage

We will continue to collaborate with our partners on the following strategic actions:

  • Enable small business to succeed
  • Increase housing options
  • Encourage safe and healthy neighbourhoods
  • Improve access to social supports
  • Take action to combat climate change
  • Prepare for emergency prevention and recovery
  • Promote and develop more transportation options

View Entire Council Meeting

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