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Host A Student From France Or Spain For A Few Weeks This Summer

A 'per week' honorarium is paid to each host family

Published 05/10/2019 | By Canada Linc

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Billets Needed - Host Families Needed
Billets Needed - Host Families Needed

Host A Student From France Or Spain For A Few Weeks This Summer

Billets Needed for European Teens' Summer Visits to Cambridge

Canada Linc has been providing international students with a Canadian family and cultural experience for 20 years. Teens from Spain and France will be paying their annual visit to our region this summer. They will be studying English and enjoying a month of fun and sight-seeing. Canada Linc English, the company which organizes the program, is looking for families with an extra bedroom and some spare time, to host these young people in their homes for one month.

While in Cambridge, the teens will attend English language classes every weekday morning. In the afternoon, they participate in cultural, sightseeing and sports activities. The program is organized so that working families who are away during the day can qualify as hosts. Families are asked to provide a bedroom, three meals a day and to welcome their visitor into their everyday life. Students are expected to spend most of their evenings and weekends with their host families and integrate into our Canadian way of life. They are free to take weekend trips with their host families if invited.

Since 2001, Canada Linc has been running these programs in Waterloo and nearby communities, welcoming students into the community. Over the years, many students and families have formed lasting attachments and continue to visit each other.

A "per week" honorarium is paid to each host family to cover expenses. Families are paid $785 for 4 week stays, and, $585 for 3 weeks.

A new program is just beginning for this summer in Wilmot. Programs are also being run in Waterloo, Brantford, Guelph, and Fergus-Elora. Much more Info about Canada Linc, plus coordinators' contacts for all locations at website link below.

Families interested in learning more may contact the Cambridge program's coordinator Laurie at or call her at 519 841-8785.

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