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US State Department Announces Extradition Of Iranian Diplomat In Bomb Plot

Michael Pompeo: Iranian-backed Terrorism Poses Global Threat

Published 10/11/2018 | By Cambridge Now International News

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Iranian Diplomat Asadollah Assadi Extradited
Iranian Diplomat Asadollah Assadi Extradited

Iranian Diplomat Asadollah Assadi Extradited In Terrorist Bomb Plot

Authorities in Germany announced yesterday the extradition of Asadollah Assadi, an Iranian official working under diplomatic cover, to Belgium for his role in the disrupted Iranian terrorist plot to bomb a political rally near Paris, France on June 30. The scale of this plot, which involved arrests of numerous suspects across Europe – including in Belgium, France, and Germany – reminds us that Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. This plot also lays bare Iran’s continued support of terrorism throughout Europe.

We support our European allies in exposing and countering the threat that Iranian-backed terrorism poses around the world. The United States will continue working with our partners and allies to confront the threat posed by the Iranian regime.

Press Statement

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State, Washington, DC, October 10, 2018

Iranian Terrorist Diplomat Prosecuted In Belgium For Assault Against Regime Critics

Germany released the Iranian regime's terrorist diplomat Asadollah Assadi to Belgium yesterday. It reports several international media on Tuesday with reference to security officials.

The extradition was executed since the Supreme Court in the German city of Bamberg decided that he is not protected by diplomatic immunity and may be surrendered to Belgium.

Assadi faces a Belgian judge responsible for the matter on the tenth October, announcing the federal prosecutor's office in Brussels to the news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Wednesday.

Assadi was arrested in Germany in early July suspected of having planned a bomb attack against the Iranian opposition's great gathering for a free and democratic Iran in Paris, June 30.

The French government announced last week that it had frozen assets belonging to two Iranian citizens and the Iranian security service "because of the attack. Asdollah Assadi was one of the two Iranian citizens who got their assets frozen by the French government.

Assadi is suspected of leaving more than 500 grams of explosives to a couple of residents in Belgium. The explosive would be used for the terrorist attack and found in the couple's car when arrested by Belgian police on their way to Paris. The arrested couple is identified as Amir Sadoni and Nassim Nomeni.

Asdollah Assadi, station manager of the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) in Vienna, has been stationed in Austria since August 2014.

Hundreds of Swedish and exile riots participated in Paris on 30 June to support the Iranian people's ongoing protests against the regime and their legitimate resistance movement, the Iranian National Resistance Council (NCRI). Hundreds of parliamentarians, prominent politicians, former ministers and human rights lawyers from Europe, the United States and the Middle East also participated in the gathering.

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