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City Of Cambridge To Launch Expanded Ambassador Program
Expanded Services To Enhance The City Safe Enjoyment And Pride
By City Of Cambridge

City of Cambridge to launch expanded ambassador program


Cambridge, Ontario: The City of Cambridge has expanded its Ambassador program to enrich the downtown experience for residents, businesses and visitors.


This summer, you’ll see our Ambassador team — easily recognized in bright blue shirts and jackets— walking  through the three core areas of Galt, Preston and Hespeler to provide maintenance, clean-up, beautification and ambassador services.


“Our Ambassador Team will provide a friendly, visible and welcoming presence in each core area and promote a safe and caring community,” said City Manager Gary Dyke. “The idea is not only to maintain clean and beautiful core areas, but to create a safe, positive atmosphere and to troubleshoot potential issues by developing strong relationships with downtown residents and businesses.”


This program originally developed out of an initial response to reports of needle debris and public safety concerns in the fall of November 2017. The new program has expanded services to enhance the safe enjoyment and pride in our community.


Our Ambassadors will serve the downtown community in the following ways:

·         street and sidewalk cleaning

·         litter and debris removal (including needle debris)

·         graffiti removal

·         weed removal

·         maintenance of planters and flower beds

·         greeting  visitors and providing tourism information and directions

·         requesting voluntary compliance with City ordinances

·         reporting public disturbances to Regional Police

·         liaising with the businesses community

·         connecting vulnerable people with social services information

·         acting as a resource for general information on City operations


The Ambassador Team frequently checks on areas where waste and debris are known to accumulate and initiate cleanups to ensure the area remains safe and clean. The team also responds to concerns directly reported from the public about waste, debris, and maintenance issues on public property within the core areas. 


How to make a cleanup request

Call:  (519) 623-1340


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