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Best Bites For CMH Foundation Transformation Project A Great Success
It Was A Beautiful Day At Shades Mills Park
By Thomas Hagey - Cambridge Now - Local News

Best Bites For CMH's Transformation Another Great Year

Once again Best Bites was blessed with pristine weather for their annual fundraiser at Shades Mills.

It's a combined effort by Rotary Preston and Hespeler, and the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation.

This year the theme message was Transformation and with the new renovations nearing at least partial completion, it has become very exciting for everyone in Cambridge and area. But really folks, our new hospital, and this is essentially what we'll have, will be of service to people across Waterloo Region as well as Wellington County.

The ART Of Transformation

As part of the Transformation theme, artist Laurie Wonfor Nolan painted one of her famous transformative LIVE events paintings. Their many elements are constructed throughout the day, moment by moment, with the completed work magically appearing at the end of the event. Artists Tania Hanscom and J. Diane Scott joined Laurie painting LIVE from Best Bites 2017.

Best Bites is one of CMH's top fundraising events of the year and it brings together food and beverage vendors from across the Region and around Ontario. With the craft brewing industry flourishing, and new wineries blossoming everywhere, it was a great day for attendees to try some of the fruits of their efforts.

Our hospital is the centre of our community. Our ongoing support for our community hospital is essential...ALL the equipment needed for our newly renovated medical facility will need to be paid for by our hospital foundation. It's that simple. So...It's really up to us, isn't it?

We'd like to thank everyone who supported Best Bites 2017. The attendees, the volunteers, and the food and beverage vendors who came out in great support of our amazing transformed, state-of-the-art medical centre. Our hospital.

Below are some of the participants of this year's amazing Best Bites. If you see someone you know, be sure to pass the web address on to them.

ARTISTS: (Right to Left) Laurie Wonfor Nolan, Tania Hanscom and J Diane Scott

The Hammer...very difficult to do...but it really gets easier...these people are seasoned professionals:)






2017 Taste Participants   2017 Beverage Participants

Little Mushroom Catering

  Brickworks Ciderhouse
Dee's Bakery - Buttertarts   Abe Erb Brewery
Boutique Baker   Beau's All Natural Brewing
EVO Kitchen   Galt Juice Company
Galt Country Club   Creekside Estate Winery
Platters Catering   Dixon's Distilled Spirits
Cambridge Mill   MacLean's Ales
Chef D TV   Oyster Bay Wines/ Delegat
Blackshop   Reif Estate Winery
My-Thai   Cameron's Brewing Company

Ernies Roadhouse

  Burning Kiln Winery
Fistro Bistro   Molson Coors
Zoup! Soup Company   Creemore Springs
Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine   Mill Street Brewery

Farm Boy

  Stonehammer Brewing
Obie's Bar & Grill   Royal City Brewing
The Loose Grape   Steeped Tea
State & Main, Kitchen-Bar   Rotary Oktoberfest - Hammershots
Caudles Catch Seafood   Monigram Coffee Roasters
    Four Fathers Brewing Co



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