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Why You Should Work With A Realtor When Buying a Home

Why should I work with a Realtor?

So you have decided to buy a new home.  You may be asking yourself: “Why should I work with a Realtor?”. Buying a home is a complex and intimidating process, hiring a Realtor can help to mitigate the negative aspects, allowing you to focus on the positives. 

When you work with a Realtor, you are not alone.  In our combined 44 years of Real Estate experience, we have acquired a base of professional connections that benefit their Clients. These connections include: Mortgage Specialists, Inspectors, Lawyers, Home Stagers/Contractors and more.

Another benefit to working with a Realtor is ensuring you receive proper representation as a Client.  We care about those we work with, and as a Client we will ensure you make informed decisions.  Realtors know what questions to ask to allow Buyers to see both the ways in which a home could meet their needs or not. 

Finally, we grew up in the areas we serve, allowing our Buyers an inside view of the prospective homes. We are aware of the history of the homes, and the surrounding areas.  For more information on the region covered by Howie Schmidt Realty Inc. Brokerage (HS Realty), check out our Community Links Page.

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