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About Heli Forklifts And Lift Trucks

About Heli

Heli has been in Canada for 10 years and has grown to 250+ units sold this past year. Just recently, Heli distribution changed hands and became Heli Canada. This strategic move has positioned the Heli brand for the growth in the Canadian market. Heli Canada is now importing all models of the award winning Heli forklift, enabling dealers to satisfy any and all customer needs.

Based on specialty, stability and responsibility, HELI Forklift is over 50 years old with profound connotations, rich experience and numerous achievements.

Founded in 1958, HELI has always endeavoured to become a responsible partner for all customers & employees by steady operation and specialized production. After over 50 years of development, HELI became the largest forklift manufacturer and exporter in China, ranking No.8 among worldwide forklift suppliers, with annual revenues one billion US Dollars in 2011. In 1996, the stock of “Anhui HELI” (stock code 600761) came into the market on the Shanghai stock exchange center as the only forklift enterprise in China.

With over 7000 employees, HELI manufactures all types of forklifts and key components for forklifts except the engines. Currently HELI products cover 1-46T IC forklifts, 1-7T pneumatic electric forklifts, 1-3.5T electric and IC cushion for warehouse application, complete class III products and adding to class II, with IC & Electric tractors and construction equipment such as loaders. In addition to all of this, HELI manufactures the axles, cylinders, transmission, counterweight, various attachments and all related parts. HELI is now the largest supplier in the extensive Chinese market for forklift attachments, like side shifters, clamps and rotators. HELI Group has 13 subsidiary manufacturing factories, 23 sales companies and 296 agents covering all of the Chinese market, and exports its products to 136 countries and regions in world today.

During the past 50 years, HELI’s biggest achievement is the formation of own core-competitiveness on design, manufacturing, management and sales. Presently, the modern SAP software system and lean-manufacturing have been adopted in the whole HELI group further development of our top-ranking machinery. In the coming 50 years, HELI is in pursuit of the “Centennial HELI” and a rank of “TOP 5” forklift supplier in world.

With greatest sincerity, HELI invites you to be our partner in mutual development. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us any time!

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