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Mulligatawny Soup **
Lentil Soup sprinkled with rice and minced chicken

Mixed Pakora **
Assorted Fritters: Cauliflowers, Onion Bhajia, Potatoes and Mixed Vegetable in gram flour batter & deep fried

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) **
Pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas

Onion Bhajia **
Deep fried onions in gram flour batter

Chicken Pakora **
Chicken Fillet, in gram flour batter & deep fried

Chicken Chaat **(G)
Sliced Grilled Chicken in a special Masala with a touch of mango

Sab ek Saath **
Mixed platter: Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Samosa, Potatoes Pakora, Onion Bhajia and Spinach Pakora

Shrimp Pakora **
Deep fried shrimp with special gram flour in crispy Nature

Papri Chaat **
Homemade wafers with chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind sauce with potatoes

Aloo Tikki **
Deep Fried mashed potatoes with chick peas and tamarind sauce

Salad Tikka **
Spring mix Garden Salad with Chicken Tikka with a touch of special kind of dressing


Shrimp Korma *
Juicy Shrimps cooked in cream sauce with cashew nuts

Prawn Masala **
Juicy Shrimps prepared in tomato, onion curry with diced green peppers

Shrimp Vindaloo ****
Spicy lover shrimps cooked in a hot tangy sauce with potatoes, red chilies and vinegar

Fish Masala ***(G)
Cubes of salmon fish marinated with natural herb spices and cooked in thick sauce

TANDOOR (Hot Oven Clay) (All Dry Food)

Jhinga Tandoori **
Shrimp marinated in Indian Herb spices and cooked in Tandoor (hot clay)

Murg Badami Tikka *
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in almond sauce, BBQ in hot clay

Fish Tikka **
Chunky pieces of fish marinated with herb spices

Paneer Tikka **
Cubes of paneer and mixed vegetables cooked in clay oven

Chicken Tikka **
Boneless Cubes of chicken marinated in Herb spices

Hariyali Murg Tikka ***
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated overnight in green chili paste, cooked in hot clay

Tandoori Chicken **
Quarter leg of chicken marinated in yogurt, ground spices paste

Garlic Chicken Tikka **
Boneless cubes of chicken marinated in Indian spices with strong flavour of garlic


Popular Royal Indian bread of flour

Butter naan:
Flaky layered bread

Garlic Naan:
Stylish Indian bread with toasted garlic pieces

Onion Kulcha **
Flour bread stuffed with spicy onion and fresh coriander

Roti - Whole Wheat Bread

Lacha Parantha - Flaky whole wheat layered bread

Aloo Parantha **
Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes

Kababi Naan
Flour bread stuffed with minced dry fruits paste (cashew nuts, pistachio and raisins)

Paneer Kulchha
Naan stuffed with spiced cottage cheese


Paneer Tawa Masala ***G
Cubes of paneer (cheese) simmered in hot rich gravy

Chilli Paneer ****
Paneer cubes with fresh onion, tomato & green chilli in a touch of green peppers

Vegetable Maratha ***
Special blend of mixed vegetable bowls in thick gravy of onions and tomatoes in marathi style

Vegetable Vindaloo ****
Mixed vegetable with tangy sauce and potato

Malai Matter Paneer **
Green peas and home made cottage cheese cooked in tomato and cream sauce

Palak Paneer **
Fresh spinach puree with the homemade cheese

Daal Makhni **
Black lentils prepared in cream and butter - everyone's choice

Aloo Gobhi **
Cauliflower and potato cooked in aromatic spices- a dry dish

Baigan Bhartha **
Baked mashed eggplant cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion and green peas with special North Indian spices

Vegetable Jalfrezi **
Mixed vegetables stir-fried pepper with roasted cumin seeds

Bhindi Masala **
Okra and onion cooked with exotic spices

Channa Masala **
Chickpeas prepared in authentic spices with onion and potato

Navratan Korma *G
Mixed vegetables cooked with cashew paste, cream and mild spices

Paneer Makhni *
Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked in cream and tomato sauce

Kadhai Panner ***
Cottage cheese in spicy thick curry with fresh ginger and diced peppers

Malai Kofta *
Cottage cheese balls with special gravy in cream and onion sauce

Vegetable Thali **
Combination of 2 vegetables, Daal, Raita, Gulab Jamun, Rice, Naan, Pickle and Papadum

Bhaat Plain Rice

Lemon Rice Lemon Rice

Himalian Pillow
Himalian basmati rice with saffron flavour

Lucknawi Biryani
An exotic dehradun Basmati rice with a variety of seasoning and baked with meat or vegetables

Vegetable                        Lamb/Chicken                          Shrimps


Meat used in curry dishes:
Chicken - Boneless skinless white breast meat
Lamb - Boneless Lean
Beef - Boneless lean

Butter Chicken **
Boneless Tandoori Chicken tikka cooked in butter, Tomato sauce and cream

Mango (Chicken/Lamb)*
special kind of spices with the great flavour of mango (Excellent Choice for Mango Lover)

Jalfrazi (Chicken/Goat/Lamb/Beef) **
Julienne of pepper stir fried with cumin seeds

Vindaloo (Chicken/Goat/Lamb/Beef) ****
Cooked in a hot tangy sauce with potatos, Red chilies and vinegar

Kadhai (Chicken/Lamb/Beef) ****
Spicy thick curry with fresh ginger and diced peppers

Saag (Chicken/Lamb/Beef) **
Boneless meat cooked with fresh spinach puree

Curry (Chicken/Goat/Lamb/Beef) **
Boneless meat cooked in straight Indian Herbs and Spices

Chicken Tikka masala ***G
Boneless cubes of chicken tikka cooked in thick spicy sauce with green pepper

Korma (Chicken/Beef/Lamb) *
Boneless chunks of meat cooked in thick cream sauce with cashew nut paste

Munchurian Chicken **
Special king of Indian Chineese dish

Chilli Chicken ****
Chicken cubes with fresh onion, tomato & green chilli in a touch of green peppers

Badami murgi *
Chicken curry with almond sauce - great for everyone

Lamb Roganjosh **
Lamb cubes prepared in Kashmiri style (Indian Union Territory) with the flavour of Rattanjog

Boti Kabab Masala **G
Grilled Lamb slices with a touch of green pepper, onions and tomatoes

Non Vegetable Thali
Your choice of chicken or lamb curry, one vegetable, Daal, Raita, One piece of Tandoori Chicken, Gulab Jamun, Rice, Naan, Pickle and Papadum


House Salad
Onion, Tomatoes, cucumber with lemon

Mixed spicy pickle

Whipped Yogurt with grated cucumber

Mango Chuntuny

French Fries


Mango Shake/Lassi
Fresh Milk with mango pulp

Lassi (Sweet/Salted)
Stirred fresh yogurt with suger or salt

Mango, Orange or Cranberry

Ice Tea

Masala Chai (Indian Tea)
Special Tea made from special Indian Herbs

Reguler Tea
Green Tea


Delicious Indian homemade Ice-cream with Almonds, very rich and flavourful of Pistachio

Mango Malai
Indian-style cream from Vanilla Ice Cream with a touch of Mango

Gulab Jamun
Lustrous cheese ball dumpling cooked in suger syrup

Kheer (Rice Pudding)
Rice paste cooked with cashew

Ice Cream, Vanilla

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