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Bill Schwarz Artist, Painter, Sculptor Cambridge
Schwarz Amidst The Foliage...
The Unstoppable BILL!
William K. Schwarz – Artist!
“Every town has its Bill, but no town has so fine a Bill as our town.”
 By Thomas Hagey
There is something annoyingly wonderful about Bill Schwarz. When he isn’t legal-izing about life he is quite a different disturbance on the landscape.
He will send you cheery abusive emails announcing that he is fundraising for a cause and that you better cough up before the end of the day…and at the end of the day, Bill has his money because it’s just easier that way…
 BIll Schwarz Artist Cambridge Ontario GRFF
Images flow from the outside world, through his eyes, into his brain and out through his fingers (and his ears; depending on how worked up he gets about something.)
He visits remote locations and draws and paints while there. He used to photograph objects and subjects and flesh them out when he returned to Cambridge. But now, for the most part, he absorbs the location, sucks it in through his pores and calls it up later when needed in great detail, with great accuracy …or none at all. If something has been ruminating in Bill’s outer quadrants of reality they may very well come out the way they went in; but when they do, they are transformed.
He believes there is as much power in the elements you leave out of a piece, as there is with the things you choose to include. (So, I suppose he shares a similar philosophy to the Inuit artist and the walrus sculpture…You don’t sculpt a walrus per se, you simply remove all of the pieces which aren’t walrus.)
For the most part, Bill Schwarz, creates stark urban elements and “anywhere” landscapes. There is a gentle, revealing quality to his work and there is humour too. And a sense that humans are somewhere nearby, but they have not been invited to participate in his cleverly crafted images.
When you sit in front of his desk at his law firm, you get the feeling that there is much more going on behind the scenes, and sure enough there is. It's a phenomenon called "Bill Schwarz the Artist."
I asked him, “Bill, where are the people in your paintings?” He’ll say, “What people?”
Bill Schwarz: The Naked Truth
Bill has experimented lately with nude sculpture and drawings too…I don’t recall him every saying he was a Beat Generation devotee…but when I see wet clay and the naked human form I say to myself out loud…“Did he just call somebody up out of the phone book?”
I never asked. I didn’t want to know.
Schwarzie, as I call him, gave us some free legal advice one time. He puts himself on a list to give free consultation for start-ups that don’t have any money. He gave us some good advice, we moved on, and the next time I saw him was at a fundraising event, and many, many, fundraising events since that time. It’s something he believes in.
This is not to say that we didn’t like the depth of his legal capacities, I just find that, as an artist myself, I have been drawn to Bill the artist.
He admits that his art allows him to exercise a different kind of creativity than his legal practice does. Art is not as cut and dried as the law. And I suspect that if artists ran the legal system it would be a mess. A beautiful mess perhaps— but a mess nonetheless.
Bill Schwarz enjoys what many of us wish we could experience…he lives and works out of both sides of his brain (often without a suitcase or even a change of clothes.) So if he looks a bit scruffy in the morning it could be an indication that he’s been up all night painting.
He is attracted to odd subjects such as elements of industrial infrastructure. The end result is a work of art…and the most beautiful elements of industrial infrastructure you’ll ever see.
Whether it’s a grain elevator on the prairies, a boat in dry docks in PEI, the haunting limbs of a dead oak tree shadowed in the noon day South Western United States sun, or a 1951 Ford truck oxidizing in the elements…this is the place, the space, where you will find Bill Schwarz.
11 Years In The Trenches of Art…A Lifetime In The Making
The most surprising thing I discovered about Bill is that he’s only been painting for 11 years. He took artistic instruction at the Cambridge Galleries and found his calling. It was though a giant, colourful, industrial infrastructure valve was opened up and a life long supply of artistic ideas and ponderings came rushing through his creative pipes.
Make no mistake. Bill is a seasoned artist. He didn’t take any short cuts…he simply knew the way there.
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