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Collaborative Significance
      Ideas and Mentoring to Grow Your Business Success.
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Brantford,   ON   N1R 3T6

  Phone:  519-716-7677  
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Ideas and mentoring to grow your business success.

As a businessperson’s career evolves they need three kinds of support; first a “coach”, then a “mentor” and finally a “business muse”. Sometimes a client will require some of each to be effective AND my skill set is to be able to know which role to use in specific situations.

1.              The Business Coach Role

While working in operational undertakings people need a “coach’ to teach them the skills needed to accomplish specific tasks.

Effective coaches develop a strong understanding of an individual’s strengths and how to elevate their differences in a work place.

A coach is most effective when s/he can adapt their coaching style or tactics to optimize strengths by using of specific skill based tools.


2.              The Business Mentor

As your career grows you will be charged with accountabilities to deliver specific outcomes over well-specified timeframes that are driven by application of well planned and executed tactics.

Now you require a mentor, someone who will help, think through the ramifications of a situation, then provide the support to develop the actions/tactics that will accomplish the outcomes expected of you and your team.

Mentoring is a personal development and empowerment that becomes an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers.

A mentor should help you to believe in yourself and boost your confidence. S/he should ask questions and challenge your assumptions, while providing guidance and encouragement to explore new ideas in confidence.

3.              The Executive Muse

Once your career is well established and you have the proven experience to inspire and lead and grow your organization, you will need to find business muses who work with you to contemplate the future.

A business muse’s role is assist with reflecting on the impact of strategies and speculate about reactions to your leadership initiatives.

A business muse exercises one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution and judgments.

The Process To Determine How I Can Enable Your Growth

A.    We talk about on the phone about your current status, your growth to this point and your aspirations.  This will be about a 60-90 minute conversation and no charge.

B.    I will send you six questions that I would like to respond to and I will give you my feedback (via phone or Skype) again at no charge.

C.    Should be we agree that there is the potential for me to be of assistance to you, then we will meet for breakfast to discuss how we will work together and what are the achievements that will help you know you have made a good investment in your future.

D.    I offer multiple packages to suit your operating budget. We will determine what is best for you after our first "no charge" meeting.





At your or email me.

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