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The Adventures of Mack & Spencer
Fire starter
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I'd say my dogs have it pretty good. They get two square meals everyday, belly rubs, two walks a day minimum sometimes more. I play tug, fetch, take them to agility classes and let them have play dates with other dogs. So when I arrived home from work the other day I couldn't believe my eyes. I am a full time firefighter who works shifts, so every 12 days my dogs are stuck at home for 4 straight day's for approximately 10 hours by themselves. Now remember I have got up at the crack of dawn to walk them before I go to work and fed them a nice yummy meal. When I arrive home my priority is the boy's and they get walked immediately, rain or shine through all types of weather. So as I spent a gruelling day at work I arrived to my yellow lab Spencer clutching a small cardboard box in his mouth, bum shaking and my black lab hovering nearby. This isn't an unusual occurrence Spencer holding something in his mouth but usually its a toy! As I pass my living room entrance I notice on top of Spencer's bed a heaping pile of wooden matches! I couldn't help but laugh at the irony. My two dogs were missing their "Mom"  and (what seemed like) attempted to start a fire so that I could "respond" home ASAP!
Posted on Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 - 06:32:00 PM EST
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