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How do I delete my resume?
If you are an authorized Member publisher, you can delete your resumes anytime by logging into 'My Now!'  Otherwise you have to contact a Jobs Market Administrator to have the resume deleted.
    » For Site Posts - To Delete a Resume
For site submitted resumes, you must contact a Jobs Market Administrator to request your resume be deleted. A Jobs Market Administrator will delete your resume as promptly as we can, most likely NOT immediately. (Become a free member and you can add or delete whenever you wish.)
    » For Member Publishers - To Delete a Resume
Log into your 'My Now!' and click "My Resumes" on the left side of the page.
Find the resume that you would like deleted and click on it.
Confirm the deletion of the resume to remove it from the site forever.

You can temporarily turn your resume off, then back on again.
At the bottom of the Update A Resume page in the Site Display area there is a 'Live' and 'Inactive' choice.
If 'Inactive' is chosen, the resume will NOT display on the site. If 'Live' is chosen, the resume will display the site.
You can turn the display of the resume on or off anytime.

    » Still have questions?
You can contact a Jobs Market Administrator for more information. 


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