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What are the Forums Policies?

CambridgeNow Forums Policy

We hope you enjoy the CambridgeNow Forums. We invite anyone who lives or works in the Cambridge, Ontario area to become a moderator and host a Forum or message board. Use of this site and Forums is per our Site Terms of Use Agreement. Some Forums specific policies for the benefit of all include but are not limited to:

Forums Etiquette

  • Thread Subjects:
    Please use descriptive and accurate subjects when posting a new thread. Avoid using too general subjects like "I need help" or "Saw something interesting". Make an effort to include words that would benefit those making use of the search feature.


  • Hijacking:
    Please refrain from "hijacking" a legitimate discussion by diverting it off topic. If an interesting point is brought up in a discussion but is not consistent with the original topic, then post a new thread and link to it from the original thread.


  • Jumping on People:
    Please refrain from jumping on people for what they post. You can be nice and disagree, they are not mutually exclusive.


  • Formatting:
    Do not post in ALL CAPS (it is equivalent to shouting). Also, please proofread your post. Your intended communication can be misunderstood because of poor grammar and spelling.


  • Respect Moderators:
    Posters agree to yield to the requests of the Forums Moderators and/or Administrators.


  • Fair Warning:
    Generally, Administrators and Moderators endeavor to provide fair warning regarding behavior which might warrant their intervention. Failure to heed warnings from the Moderators and/or Administrators is grounds for suspension of posting privileges. Except in the case of malicious behavior, such as spamming which requires an immediate response, the decision to disable an account usually comes after fair warning.


  • Complaints:
    Users may disagree with the decisions or actions of the Moderators and/or Administrators. Disagreements and criticism should be directed to Forums Administrators. Contact the Forums Administrator

We Do Not Allow

  • Spam:
    Do not spam the board by posting multiple threads or posts on the same subject. Advertising spammers will be banned from the site immediately.


  • Advertising:
    Cambridge Now! is able to bring services without charge to the Cambridge Ontario community because of our advertisers. In fairness to our advertisers, no overt advertising posts by businesses will be allowed. This includes text signatures. Contact a sales representative for information about hosting or moderating Forums and other advertising opportunities.


  • Personal (Attn) Messages:
    The public board is for use to post public messages. Any message that is intended for an individual must be sent via an email.


  • Abusive/Offensive/Adult Material:
    Please refrain from insulting others or disrupting ongoing discussions with inflammatory speech. Do not post material that is defamatory, abusive, threatening, or harassing. This is a family and community oriented site so sexual material is always prohibited. Flame wars are not permitted. Please report all abuse to the Forums Administrator


  • Illegal Content:
    You may not post any content that is illegal including (but not limited to) copyright material, serial numbers, links to sites hosting pirated or illegal material or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Exceptions to this standard are covered by the Canadian Federal law regarding fair use, and related case law, which holds that only partial excerpts of copyrighted material may be reproduced, and only as necessary for criticism or comment.


  • Malicious and Inappropriate Links:
    You may not post links that go to inappropriate websites, are used to spread viruses, takes control of the browser window or prevents the user from closing it, and other malicious intent.

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